Frankie Kirpal

Safety Coordinator

Frankie Kripal has been a leader in health and safety, particularly in the construction and oil and gas industries, for over 20 years, with extensive and diverse experience in Canada and abroad. She has been instrumental in the development and implantation of industry-leading health safety and environmental programmes for the diverse portfolios of corporations, including COR certification, ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001 certifications, and recognition through supporting British Columbia and Alberta’s Safe employee programs. Frankie has contributed greatly to building the best industry safety culture at TEBO Group.

Frankie began her career as a mechanical engineer graduate from Michigan State University and found her calling in safety, where she, like many safety professionals in Canada who come from a wide array of backgrounds, brought their unique experience to the sector to build a rich network of OHNS professionals using their talents to create a safer environment for workers.

Frankie loves the ever-changing landscape of the construction industry and the challenges that every project presents. 

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