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Fraserview Fabrication and Machining Inc.

TEBO Group of Industries is vertically aligned in the sector of industrial and commercial construction. We design, fabricate, install, and construct industrial plants and infrastructure in a sustainable way. With the help of Fraserview Fabrication and Machining Inc. of the TEBO Group, we could provide just custom fabrication services to our clients or also help them install and construct the whole projects from the start to the finish in an engineering-procurement-construction-commissioning model (EPC Contracting).

Fraserview Fabrication and Machining Inc. is the largest custom steel fabrication manufacturer in the lower mainland. It has proudly developed structured steel parts for the Port Mann Bridge to the BC ferries docking stations.

CIPA LUMBER- Meinan Lathe Log Infeed Transfer
ACR GROUP – 48 Inch Pipe Spools for Hyland valley Copper
Ruskin Construction – Bridge Connection
CIPA LUMBER – RTO Structural Platform
DOMANS – Drop Gate
CIPA Lumber – Veneer Stacker Rebuild
Fibreco Export – New Rail Car Dumper
Canfor – Pipe Conveyor
BC Rubber – Urethane Covered Roll Machine
Cascade Timber – Stick Placer
Simpson Rover – Supply Conveyors to Waste Bins
Timber West – Unscrambler Section
Timberwest – Log Unscrambler
Alberta Plywood – Slave Lake – Green Veneer Stacker
CIPA Lumber – Menian Lathe Log Infeed
International Forest Products – Acorn Division
Paralaw – Incline Veneer
Timberwest – Log Unscrambler
Lafarge Canada – Feed Conveyor
CIPA Lumber – Structural Steel
Lafarge Canada – Raw Mill Maintenance Platform
BC Ferries – Deas Dock Berth
Simpson River – Log Positioner
NORSKE Canada – Woodroom Rebuild
FIbreco Export – Rail Car Dumper
Mainland Sand and Gravel – Hopper
Muffler Flow Control – Grooved Flange Adapters
Stag Timber – Angled Roll Case
West Fraser Timber – Veneer Squaring Belt
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