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TEBO Group of Industries is vertically aligned in the sector of industrial and commercial construction. We design, fabricate, install, and construct industrial plants and infrastructure in a sustainable way. With the help of three arms of the TEBO Group, we could provide a one-stop-shop solution to our clients from the start to the finish of an engineering-procurement-construction-commissioning model (EPC Contracting). This alignment provides cost-effectiveness. We could guarantee to our clients the completion of the industrial and infrastructure projects on-time and under budget.

TEBO Group is a One-Stop-Shop yielding cost-effectiveness and time commitment.
CIPA LUMBER- Meinan Lathe Log Infeed transfer
RICHMOND PLYWOOD – Prefabricated Electric Room
Fibreco Silos Reconstruction | North Vancouver, BC
Alberta Plywood – Slave Lake – Green Veneer Stacker
CIPA Lumber – Menian Lathe Log Infeed
DOMANS – Installations
International Forest Products – Acorn Division
Paralaw – Incline Veneer
Ruskin Construction – Bridge Connection
Timberwest – Log Unscrambler
Lafarge Canada – Feed Conveyor
CIPA Lumber-Structural Steel
CAE NEWNES – Northern Ireland – Sawmill
CAE NEWNES – Sawmill
YVR AIRPORT- Baggage Handling Walkways and Hanger Support
CIPA LUMBER – RTO Structural Platform
Louisiana Pacific (Swan Lake) – Minitonas, Manitoba
Construction Type: Concrete, Steel, Wood | Sq ft. 250,000
DOMANS – Drop Gate
Multi Family Residential Units | City Center 100 | 32 Storey 437 Units (Upcoming)
Corner of 100 Ave and 138A Street, Surrey, BC
CIPA Lumber – Veneer Stacker Rebuild
Fibreco Export – Chip Loading Facility
High Level Alberta – New Log Handling System
Fibreco Export – New Rail Car Dumper
Canfor – Pipe Conveyor
BC Rubber – Urethane Covered Roll Machine
Cascade Timber – Stick Placer
Simpson Rover – Supply Conveyors to Waste Bins
Timber West – Unscrambler Section
CAE NEWNES – Chile – Sawmill
MERRITT GREEN ENERGY – Boiler Fuel Conveyor
ACR GROUP – 48 Inch Pipe Spools for Hyland valley Copper
BC Ferries – Deas Dock Berth
Simpson River – Log Positioner
Robinson Place, Cloverdale, BC. Construction Type: Concrete, Steel, Wood | Sq ft. 7,300
NORSKE Canada – Woodroom Rebuild
FIbreco Export – Rail Car Dumper
Mainland Sand and Gravel – Hopper
Muffler Flow Control – Grooved Flange Adapters
Stag Timber – Angled Roll Case
Timberwest – Log Unscrambler
West Fraser Timber – Veneer Squaring Belt
Lafarge Canada – Raw Mill Maintenance Platform
CAE NEWNES – Sawmill
CAE NEWNES – Northern Ireland – Sawmill
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