Bulk Material Handling Systems

TEBO Group serves a variety of material handling industries at ports, airports, export facilities and chemical plants. Some of the clients (patial list) in those sectors are listed below:

Export Facilities By TEBO Group

Partial client’s list

  • Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator
  • Fibreco Export Ltd.
  • Fraser Pulpchip
  • OCL Industrial Material
  • Johnson Terminals
  • Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
  • Saskatoon Airport Authority
  • AG Growth International
  • Kamengo Technology Inc.
  • Vancouver Port Authority
  • Glide path Inc.
  • ALSTEF Group
  • Vanderlande Industries Inc.
  • Vulcan Chemicals
  • Victoria Airport Authority

Why Material Handling?

•Material Handling Systems Increase Efficiency of Export and Import Operations

•These systems provide safe and secure storage of goods for longer terms.

•Safer handling of goods to minimize time delays and wastage.

•Such systems are even more important for countries that export agricultural produce.

•Future ports and airports require state-of-the-art technology for material handling to increase operational efficiency.

TEBO Group Expertise: ONE STOP SHOP

•TEBO Group of Industries has designed, fabricated, installed and constructed bulk material handling systems for the last 17 years.

•Fraserview Fabrication and Machining Inc. (An Industry of the TEBO Group) specializes in fabricating bulk material handling systems for ports, airports, other export/import terminals and various industries (including mining and forestry).

•TEBO Mill Installations Inc. (An Industry of the TEBO Group) have completed more than 40 projects of installing Material Handling Systems at the International Ports, and Airports in the past two decades

•TEBO Mill Construction Inc. (An Industry of the TEBO Group) constructed some world class facilities for Canada to export/import various products like: Biomass, Food Grains, Wood Products and other items.

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