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Green Energy

Electricity via Cogeneration from bio-refineries

TEBO Group is committed to developing a greener, sustainable planet. This will be achieved by developing industries that provide green energy alternatives and manage waste by converting it into fuel. With this commitment in mind, TEBO Group developed green energy and organic processing facilities over the last decade. In this decade, we are going to double our commitment. Some of the clients (patial list) in those sectors are listed below:

Partial clients’ list

TEBO Group’s Experise in Energy and Waste Management Sector

Engineering- Procurement-Construction (EPC Contractor)

TEBO Group of Industries has designed, fabricated, installed, and constructed green energy, gasification, and anaerobic digestion facilities for the last 10 years.

•Fraserview Fabrication and Machining Inc. specializes in fabricating boilers, fuel conveyor in-feed systems, piping, and pressure systems for the green and organic processing industries.

•TEBO Mill Installations Inc. has completed more than 10 projects, installing and commissioning gasification, organics processing, anaerobic digestion, and biofuel plants across Canada in the past decade.

•TEBO Mill Construction Inc. constructed some world-class green facilities for Canada: including Surrey Biofuels, Merritt Green Energy Facility, and the UBC Gasification Facility.

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