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Sawmill In Northern Ireland
CIPA Lumber Installations by TEBO Group

TEBO Group has started its presence in forestry since its inception. It became the oldest forestry construction and maintenance services provider in Western Canada. Its industries serve a variety of lumbermills, sawmills, pulp and paper mills, woodrooms, and pallet plants globally. Some of the clients (patial list) in those sectors are listed below:

Partial clients’ list

Brunner Hildebrand
Campbell River Mills
CIPA Lumber Company
Downie Timber
Fortfibre Corporation
Groman Bros.
International Forest Products Ltd.
J.S. Jones
Mainland Sawmill
Pac-Deck Ltd.
Noble Custom Cut
S & R Sawmills
Stag Timber
Terminal Sawmill
Norske Canada
Scott Paper
Western Pulp
BC Cleanwood
Imperial Lumber
Pacific Western Woodworks
Valleywood Remanufacturing

Why use TEBO Group of Industries for your forestry construction projects or maintenance services at your sawmills, lumbermills, pallet plants, woodrooms, and pulp and paper factories?

TEBO Group is a one-stop-shop providing cost effectiveness. All projects in forestry are delivered on time and under budget. In addition, TEBO Group has a track record of 0 safety incidents in its history of 36 years. We assure you of no cost overruns and complete satisfaction with guaranteed project completion.

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