TEBO Group serves a variety of industries in various industrial sectors. Some of the clients (patial list) in those sectors are listed below:

  • Green Energy
    • Gasification facilities
    • Biofuel refineries
    • Organic processing facilities
  • Civil Infrastructure
    • Bridges
    • Light-rail Train Network
    • Water-treatment plants
    • Sewage treatment plants
    • Marine infrastructure
  • Forestry
    • Lumbermills
    • Sawmills
    • Pallet plants
    • Wood remanufacturing plants
    • Pulp and paper mills
  • Material Handling
    • Bulk material handling systems for ports
    • Baggage handling systems for airports
  • Manufacturing
    • Plastic moulding factories
    • Chemical factories
    • Packaging industries
    • Metal products manufacturing units
  • Mining
    • Conveyor systems
    • Crushers
  • Commercial and Residential Construction.
    • Prefabricated structures (wood, steel, and concrete)
    • Buildings (low-rise)
  • Environmental and Recycling
    • Recycling plants
    • Environmental assessment service
  • Engineering Associates
    • Design Services
    • Surveying Services
TEBO Group promotes sustainability accross all industries. Our selection of the LRT projects is the testament to our commitment to sustainability
Forestry Projects by TEBO Group


Brunner Hildebrand
Campbell River Mills
CIPA Lumber Company
Downie Timber
Fortfibre Corporation
Groman Bros.
International Forest Products Ltd.
J.S. Jones
Mainland Sawmill
Pac-Deck Ltd.
Noble Custom Cut
S & R Sawmills
Stag Timber
Terminal Sawmill
Norske Canada
Scott Paper
Western Pulp
BC Cleanwood
Imperial Lumber
Pacific Western Woodworks
Valleywood Remanufacturing
Material Handling Systems by TEBO Group

Material Handling

(Ports | Airports | Export Facilities)

  • Alberta Wheat Pool
  • Fibreco Export Ltd.
  • Fraser Pulpchip
  • Johnson Terminals
  • OCL Industrial Material
  • Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
Recycling Plants by TEBO Group

Environmental and Recycling

  • Altech Anodizing
  • Laidlaw
  • Dynacoat
  • Metalex
  • Newalta Corp Ltd.
  • Rypac Aluminum Products
Chemical and Petroleum Plants by TEBO Group

Chemical Plants and Petroleum

  • Imperial Oil
  • Reichhold Chemical
  • Stanchem
  • Vulcan Chemical
  • Molectro Plating
  • Spectrall Finishing
  • Stella Jones Inc.
  • Walker Bros.
Manufacturing Factories by TEBO Group


  • Almetco Windows
  • Domstar Gypsum
  • Great Little Box Co.
  • Saunder Industries
  • Transcontinental West
  • Vicroy Homes
  • B.H.P Rail Canada Ltd.
  • Dynamic Windows and Doors
  • Timber Specialities
  • Tree Island Industries
Energy Plants by TEBO Group


(Government | Energy |Others)

  • BC Hydro
  • BC Fisheries and Oceans
  • GVRD Water Treatment
  • ATCO Power
  • Layfield Plastics
  • Neyrpic Hydro
  • Summit Power
  • C.O.F.I
  • Controlled Motion
  • Ledcor
  • Power Packing

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