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Health and Safety Policy


The employees of the TEBO Group of industries believe that all of us have a duty to uphold a high standard of health, safety, and care for the environment. We count on each other to identify hazards and provide solutions in an effort to eliminate incidents and provide a safe workplace for all.

At TEBO Group of Industries, the management team is committed to providing proper training, equipment, and procedures to carry out our duties in a safe manner. As employees of TEBO Group of Industries, we will use this training to protect our fellow workers and create a safe work environment. As a company, we will comply with legislated safety regulations and seek to improve the industry standard.

Throughout this manual, you will find useful guidelines to assist in meeting our goal of zero incidents. However, this is a live document and, with your help, we will continually improve the content. Please support this endeavor with forward-thinking, care, and attention.

Personal protective workwear and blueprint with some measuring instruments shot directly from above on rustic wood background. The protective workwear includes a hard hat, gloves, earmuffs, goggles, steel-toe shoes, and a safety vest. The composition also includes a tape measure and bubble level and a construction blueprint, all items used by the construction workers or engineers. Predominant colors: yellow and brown.


All incidents can be prevented.

No task is so important that the risk of injury to people or damage to equipment and the environment is justified.

Effective HSSE management is a critical foundation for sustaining our business and

We ensure the security of our people, assets, and solutions.


The objectives of this policy are to:


TEBO Group of Industries will meet these objectives by:

The safety information in these policies and those listed throughout this manual does not take precedence over applicable government legislation (Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation, and Code) or other legislation enacted by federal and provincial governments or bylaws of municipal jurisdictions. Every employee should be familiar with applicable laws as they pertain to health, safety, and the environment.

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Alan Khara, Managing Director

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