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Corporate Policy

Code of Sustainable Conduct

To implement our Charter of Corporate Responsibility, we will:

  1. Obey the law and conduct business in accordance with our Code of Ethics
  2. Ensure that no discriminatory conduct is permitted in the workplace. Decisions on job selection, advancements, and promotions will be unbiased, based on merit and ability, and in keeping with commitments to local communities.
  3. Foster open and respectful dialogue with all communities of interest
  4. Respect the rights and recognize the aspirations of people affected by our activities
  5. Support local communities and their sustainability through measures such as development programs, locally sourcing goods and services and employing local people
  6. Continually improve safety, health and environmental policies, management systems and controls and ensure they are fully integrated into each of our activities
  7. Promote a culture of safety and recognize safety as a core value
  8. Continually reinforce company-wide efforts to achieve zero safety or health incidents
  9. Ensure programs that address workplace hazards are applied to monitor and protect worker safety and health
  10. Conduct operations in a sound environmental manner, seeking to continually improve performance
  11. Integrate biodiversity conservation considerations through all stages of business and production activities
  12. Design and operate for closure
  13. Promote the efficient use of energy and material resources in all aspects of our business
  14. Practice product stewardship and promote research to enhance the benefits of our products to society
  15. Conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with this Code
All new employees are indoctornated in the corporate polcy of sustainable conduct by the safety manager.
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