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Fraserview Fabrication and Machining Team (2022)

We are a team of highly experienced project managers, superintendents, supervisors, tradesmen, and subcontractors with a wide range of skills and experience in fabrication, maintenance, construction, and installation. The tradesmen (millwrights, welders, pipe-fitters, and carpenters) working at Fraserview Fabrication and Machining Inc., TEBO Mill Installations Inc., and TEBO Mill Construction Inc. form the backbone of the TEBO Group. They are all long-term and dedicated employees, skilled in the range of all recognized trades within the construction and maintenance fields. In addition, we select subcontractors for specialty jobs based on their products, safety performance, cost, and efficiency. Our management team ensures that projects are delivered on schedule and on time. 

Fraserview Fabrication and Machining Inc. (FFM Management Team)

Ken Larose
Shop Foreman / Supervisor
Les Morton

Mostafa Ghaziha, B.Eng.
Materials Engineer

TEBO Mill Construction Inc. (TMC Management Team)

Sarunas Sviderskis
B.Eng. (Civil), B.Eng. (Mech)
Project Manager
Art Van Rems

TEBO Group Management Team

Alan Khara, M.S, P.Eng.
Managing Director

Marketing and Communications Manager
Bill Mullins
General Manager
Richard Gee
Manager, Human Resource