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Alan Khara

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A Message from Alan Khara

Hello all,

TEBO Group is extremely proud to be approaching its 36th anniversary, which is a milestone for any company. This is an opportune time to introduce a blog for our group of industries.

It is particularly delightful to celebrate this anniversary as the future for the industrial and commercial construction industry looks bright. Demand for sustainable growth with the development of green industrial plants is growing, and TEBO Group is at the forefront of building new, dynamic markets around the world.

Reflecting on the long history of this company, I’d like to acknowledge Bill Mullins, Garth Byers, and Bill Nay, who started this group from a company in 1986 from Bill Bay’s basement. One should never forget one’s past while building a progressive future. Bill Mullins and Garth Byers continue to serve on our Board of Directors, and it is wonderful that their legacy continues on.

To all our employees, customers, stakeholders, and friends, I thank you for your continued commitment to the TEBO Group. We hope to be able to share the celebration of our 36th anniversary with you at one of the events we have planned throughout the year.

Here’s to another 36 fantastic years.

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