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Mininig Industry by TEBO Group

The TEBO Group is a progressive group of industries with a solid industry reputation specializing in all types of general contracting and EPC contracting (engineering, procurement, and construction) work in the field of industrial and commercial construction and installations. In addition, the group is truly global in nature, with successful projects in Canada, Ireland, Chile, Argentina, the USA, and the UK. These projects include the construction of a new sawmill with 100 bin sorters at Balcas Timber in Northern Ireland (the largest sawmill in the UK and Ireland) and the construction of a Trim/Sort/Stack system for Arauco Forest Products in Chile.  TEBO Group is a global leader in industrial construction. Therefore, it has a loyal client base with a high level of client retention. Due to this, the success continues to this day with a high level of customer retention and over 90% repeat business.

The TEBO Group consists of three companies, namely:

TEBO Mill Installations Inc. (TMI)

TMI is the leading industrial plant installer globally. As a union entity, it provides industrial installation services to the TEBO Group for its engineering, procurement, and construction projects across various industries. Historically, TMI provided local mills with an overload of services. In addition to providing these mills with millwrights, welders, carpenters, pipe fitters, maintenance supervisors, and installation project managers.

TEBO Mill Construction Inc. (TMC)

TMC is a non-union general contractor in the sector of industrial and commercial construction globally. Likewise, TMC has completed several projects in the capacity of a general contractor and as a subcontractor. Similar to TMI, it has provided construction services across various industries. In the last 36 years, it has managed projects with an average project budget of 50 million dollars.

Some of the industries we serve include: 

Fraserview Fabrication and Machining Inc. (FFM)

Fraserview Fabrication and Machining Inc. is the largest manufacturer of structural steel parts and custom steel structures used in industrial and commercial construction in the lower mainland. FFM operates independently of the TEBO Group, it supports the group in fabrication and procurement in all its industrial and commercial construction projects. Currently, FFM operates from the five-acre facility located at 8056 Alexander Rd and 8086 Alexander Rd, Delta, British Columbia.


The TEBO Group specializes in all types of general contracting work in the industrial and commercial fields, including: