Sustainable Industrial Development from the perspective of an EPC Contractor The nature of the construction industry requires the use of natural resources. The construction industry generates over 39% of the world’s carbon emissions because of the consumption of natural resources and raw materials. But with increasing climate change and finite natural resources, sustainable construction development is the transition that’s required for EPC contractors. Energy-intensive construction andContinue reading “Sustainable Industrial Development from the perspective of an EPC Contractor”

Global actions on World Environment Day underscore urgent need to protect the planet

Individuals, communities, civil society, businesses, and governments around the world today marked World Environment Day under the theme #OnlyOneEarth.

Climate agreement between Canada, India discusses renewable energy

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says a new agreement signed Thursday to co-operate with India on climate action is an opportunity for Canada to export its renewable energy technology, particularly related to making renewable energy a reliable source of electricity. Climate Agreement between #Canada and #India to export #renewable energy. #renewableenergy #export

TEBO Management Engagement with World Trade Centre

Members of the TEBO Executive Team attended the informative TAP Program in Victoria. Thanks to #RBC for providing the opportunity. A special thanks to Jonathan Do and Vineet Verghese, MBA, for considering us. The World Trade Center Vancouver representatives Fatima Rasheed, CAPM and Rutendo Munatsirei provided a phenomenal support throughout this learning experience with theContinue reading “TEBO Management Engagement with World Trade Centre”